About Me

My name is Emily. I live in South Louisiana with my husband, my four little dogs and my little cat.

Why the blog name?

I was inspired after inheriting a pressure canner from a woman who was like my grandmother. She and her husband were my neighbors growing up. They were incredible people, who grew a lot of their own food. They lived on their own into their 90s. They passed away just a few months from each other. They didn’t have children, but when they passed, their family knew how much I would treasure some of Mrs. Martha’s items.

I wanted to document my journey with pressure canning, but there were so many other things that these people did that I wanted to start doing. And my real grandmothers were also both very handy women. They both sewed and did other great things. They were both strong women.

After marrying my husband in 2013, I have been learning about his own grandparents.  I’ve got a diary/instruction books of sorts from his maternal grandmother that I can just get lost in. I feel a real connection to her and wish I could have met her.  I’m looking forward to learning more about his other grandparents.

So, the name, Becoming the Grands, came about because I wanted to document how I’m becoming more like the grandparents.  I have wonderful parents and so does my husband, so I’m sure I will post some of their influences on our lives as well.

In addition to learning about how to become more self-sufficient, I am also using this blog to document my grain-free journey.